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Fonts - Grota (a Gift from Lady Dymun) - 11.3.1-02

3.80/5 (10 votes).

Special shootout goes to these 2 girls….

Sabrina of OurCreationsFonts and MiiLadyDiva for making this freely available for VIP users


Fonts themes tutorial:

1. Install the tweak Anemone

2. Go inside the tweak and activate the packs

3. Latest Anemone doesn’t respring anymore so sometimes you have to do that manually if it doesn’t work properly. Running iCleanerPro also helps…



Coolstar took the fonts option out of the latest Anemone. Don’t ask me why but when after activation and iCleaner it still not works, then you have that version of Anemone running. Then go to donator repo and check inside Anemone fixes.


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