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FolderIcons - FolderExtravaganza (full) - 2.1.8-1

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Folder  Icons Tutorial:

This animate your folder.

The content of the folder will be visible so you also need the mod provided called ‘HideFolderGrid’ 

1. Install the tweak Anemone

2. Unpack and drop the .theme inside /Library/Themes

3. Put the folder icons pack higher than base stuff

4. Go inside the tweak and activate the packs

5. Latest Anemone doesn’t respring anymore so sometimes you have to do that manually if it doesn’t work properly. Running iCleanerPro also helps…

My two extravanganza packs (English and Dutch) have loads of options but they are prenamed.

Check inside the pack what the name options are a use those names for the Folder. 


Want to alter the folder-icons then this is easy (example in your own name).

Go in the pack and follow this:

1. Example: Art will be renamed to Museum (Englisch to Dutch

2. So only rename the word Art in the 5 png’s and restock in Anemone.

3. You can change the title of the pack so it states the language mod.

Have  fun


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