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Base-2018 CydiaTweaksSettings - 2018-10-18

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This project took a long time to achieve. The 400+ tweak settings icons are themed but also the inner settings.

So basically what we do at BuufJuiced. If it holds a png then we mod it.

This is only available to VIP users. Want to upgrade your theme then look me up at Discord (see Twitter bio) and or paypal

I would like to say thanks to Tito12 for helping me out on this mission.

You are rock solid magician and always around to help me out.

Luckily auntie Janet is there to feed us sometimes during the work.

Thx bro


Cydia / Sileo TweakSettings tutorial:

1. Install the tweak Anemone

2. Unpack and drop the .theme inside /Library/Themes

3. Place it higher then base-ui and base-icons

4. Go inside the tweak and activate the packs

5. Latest Anemone doesn’t respring anymore so sometimes you have to do that manually if it doesn’t work properly. Running iCleanerPro also helps…


Added some new tweaks:

1) ColorMyCCModules

2) FareWellGesturesWaze

3) huePhoneDialer

4) SnowBoard


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